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I had a long-standing relationship with a local fair from my home town. My poster themes and designs  won awards. I made almost two dozen life-size cut-outs, and tons of signage. We did a little more every year for almost a decade. Here are some of the greatest hits

Welcome Banners

Their Chamber of Commerce hired me to design banners that would highlight this city's culture and entertainment. We agreed on the six main images and that they should be welcoming and decorative with some graphic flair.   click on image for the whole thing


Design etc.


I was invited to be part of the design team charged with revamping this company's logo. We took it apart and put it back together. I was also asked to do additional three dimensional exploration. A few examples from those projects are shown here.

NBC's "America's Next Great Restaurant"

On this television show, the chef with the winning concept was given three restaurants, each in a major city. I designed and drew up the separate graphic elements, as well as the logo and other identity designed by my partner on this project, on an actual chalkboard. Once each drawing element was photographed, we created, via photoshop, site specific looks for each restaurant. Chalk dust free, they were applied like wallpaper.

This group is full of things I designed, built, painted and more; all with my two hands- and maybe some computer thrown in when appropriate, necessary, or vital. 

These signs are made and/or painted by hand. Vinyl can suck it.