© Jerry Lee Wallace 2017



Mostly acrylics on wood or canvas; some oil. Sometimes I crop and sometimes I prefer the work in it's natural habitat. The work is the thing!  Click on image for the whole thing 

4 x 4's

At four inches square, these intimate works are a mix of chalk pastel, pencil, color pencil, and marker. I wanted to be very direct and mix it up a little. AND they can fit anywhere. Let's face it, the big ones usually end up over the couch.

( Click to enlarge. For a glimpse at the entire series in one shot, go to my contact page)



These 11" x 17" panels are acrylic on masonite. Done as a group, some have different grounds and secondary color, but I chose blue to be dominant. I like to challenge myself with limited palettes and chose a tongue-in-cheek nod to Picasso this time.

Black and white is quite direct, like graphite or charcoal on paper, and can be very dramatic. I wanted to play with scale and try to make some big little paintings. These are acrylic on masonite panels with the largest being 7" x 11" and the smallest is about 2.5" square.


Exactly that. I've been doing this a while and some of these go back a ways. Mostly, my fine art work is not intended for anyone other than me and "the viewer," but sometimes it's because, or specifically for, other people. Either can stick in my head or my heart for one reason or another.