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This medical facility wanted a more fun way to direct visitors than just lines painted on the wall. The lines and words start normally enough and then break into a dance down the hall and the reform like nothing happened. Centering on the clinic's location, a graphic map on the end wall adds to the fun.

When the Mad River Grange Hall needed some repainting after a remodel, I offered something "a bit more fun." And once I painted the family in the boat, I knew I had to do the whole room. From images gleaned from the Palmquist Collection, I painted the room's entire 4' x 120' frieze with the history of Blue Lake, CA. and it's people from 1850 to 1920.  Many visitors to the Hall are descendants of those pictured.          ( You may or may not guess it, but there are only two colors other than the wall itself. )

The City of Blue Lake, CA commissioned a mural that would show off their recreational programs. Inside their largest venue, Prasch Hall, it features many local townspeople. The final detail photo was taken during the public "reveal" of the mural as the culmination of part of a citywide celebration.

This health club agreed that some of the expansive walls in the facility would be perfect for large, fun graphics and/or mural works. Two separate pool area murals, Tuscany and The Tropics, were both accomplished by applying panels cut and painted to suggest a view outside through columns. Wall graphics and enthusiastic imagery in their stationary bike room keep the flow going.

This 2,000+ sq. ft. mural is at the Pacific Gas & Electric Humboldt Bay Power Plant. P.G.&E. initially asked for six or seven singular images over the doorways and windows to reflect on their ten year timeline for a huge recomissioning project. I expanded the project to 30+ images on two full sides of the building. The black and white side, representing their history, is connected the color side by the metaphorical pipeline of time. From ground breaking through the decade long project and beyond, the color side features specific project markers and the actual participants; even the cat on the corner.

Featured in Kevin Bruce's book Large Art in Small Places, this mural is inside Arcata Exchange Furniture in Arcata, CA. Basically the view from the front of the store a hundred years ago, it's painted from a very long photograph, taken with a 180 degree camera, of the City's plaza in 1914.



Arcata Plaza, 1914

Not Your  Normal   Hallway

History of Blue Lake 

Blue Lake Rec.

Cal Courts Fitness


Because I am an experienced professional painter, as well as an artist, I am uniquely qualified to do restorative work. This mural had lost over ten percent of the painted surface before it was restored. 

As the the title suggests, these works are a look at more projects I've done over the years.